Influenster Rosy VoxBox

4:03 AM

Hello There!

Today Im going to review the Rosy VoxBox from Influenster which I got for testing and for free. If you're interested in getting some boxes you can register on influenster as well - > Referral link to Influenster

Lets begin the review.

Here's how the box looks like when I just got it. Its pretty small and lightweight.

Inside the box I found two Vera Wang fragrances, Not Your Mothers Beach babe salt spray, Purell  Advanced Hand Sanitizer Naturals,  Fancy Feet® Ball of Foot Cushions By Foot Petals, Secret® Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Completely Clean.

I will begin with Vera Wang Embrace Marigold & Gardenia which I absolutely adore. Its soft, nice, floral and fruity at the same time. Wonderfull mix of scents. Spring is in it. Checkout in stores if you can and fall in love.

The other one is not that nice as I dont really like roses and its scent. It reminds me of granny fragrances to be honest. It says that the aroma contains citrus, roses and vanilla but the scent itself is more roses than anything. Not the best for me.

Next item is NYM Beach Babe Spray. I love Not Your Mothers. Their scents, products, design. Pretty much everything. I have a full size of Beach Babe Salt Spray in Coconut and its an amazing thing. It creates small waves like you got out the water on sunny day at the beach. It also can lighten up your hair in sunny days which is a plus for blondes like me. The product I got smells like tropical coctail and its really awesome travel size bottle of spray. Love it!

Next stop - Purell hand sanitizer. I love that stuff if Im on the go. It allows to feel your hands kind of clean and it also smells good after some time when alcohol in it evaporates. So its definitely a win win situation. Might feel too strong for first moments but becomes nice lately.

Another item in a list - Secret® Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Completely Clean. Its a solid deodorant. Without alcohol. I dont really wear such solid deodorants as I prefer liquid forms. This one smells good, doesnt leave huge white marks though if you apply it before you put on clothes it leaves white strikes like any other solid white deodorant.

Last thing in a box is  Fancy Feet® Ball of Foot Cushions By Foot Petals. I dont wear heels and cannot actually review this thing but its so soft and gentle and I like its name, its really a petal for your feet. I wont mind to try them with my sport shoes which are New Balance Classics 574 but I honestly think its a waste of product so Id better give it to my friend who loves heels xD
That's it for the box. See you in next one. Hope it will be soon ^_^

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