Endless Summer voxbox from Influenster

11:19 PM

Hello my dear friend. I don't know who you are guys but I still think we're kind of friends anyways.
Todaaaaay I'm talking about the another Influenster box which came to me not long ago.
For those who wonder - influenster is a specific network which can help a new blogger get some stuff for reviews for free.
This particular box is a small one with few interesting things in it.

Its all samples in a box except for MaxFactor things and yes you get it for free for testing purposes.

First thing that I've noticed was mascara. Who doesnt love new mascara? Its MaxFactor Masterpiece.

Really nice wand and formula, separates lashes and you will need couple of coats to get intense black nice lashes. I like this thing as much as my favorite MaxFactor 2000 calories which is an absolute brilliant thing. I have sensitive eyes and this mascara doesnt make them itchy or dry or watery, it just works the way it supposed to.

Next little thingy is an eyeliner. Same MaxFactor Masterpiece eyeliner in black. Interesting felt tip though I don't like marker kind of eyeliners as they dry out so quickly its just ugh!

Anyways the eyeliner as really intense and nice, with fine formula. Its just not my type of an eyeliner.

Going further into the box. Nail polish from Seche Vite. I adore their fast dry top coat but but but its not for natural nails. Amazing top for gel or acrylic nails and when applied to natural it ripped off in about a day or two. The colored nail polish however is nice. Pretty peachy-orange color for summer days so its totally fine. The box should have contained a third thing but its missing for some reason as color has number two and top coat is number three so what is number one in a kit?

Next stop is the hair care. Not your Mother's way to grow leave in conditioner. You know what? I already own few products from Not your mother's and its just love love love. Amazing things of all kinds. This conditioner smells just like heaven and does its job as supposed to.

Another one. Iron Tek essential protein. I'm a gym lover for three years already and I tasted lots of protein powders during this period. And I know that one standard portion is 30 grams of protein powder where you get 24-25 grams of pure protein per serving. So this little portion is actually a half serving with its 12 gr size. Not too bad in taste. Chocolate is always the most fine one. But do you think someone can tell if its fine protein or not by checking 12 gr serving at once and thats it? You cannot tell if its ok in nutrition and as a supplement in total for you. So its just a waste of a sample in my opinion.

Tea! For those who like I am a tea loving person. I prefer rich black tea but these green and herbal tea bags were great. Earthy tastes and fine scent. Relaxation has been achieved. I've got Jasmine green which smells amazing, Pu Erh Cardamom tea with strong cardamom smell and taste and Turmeric Three Roots tea which is the most elf like tea which you can imagine drinking in a forest among little fantasy creatures. I enjoyed this part of the box a lot.

After all this small box gave me autumn vibes except for nail polish summer color. This was a great way to celebrate September and talk a little in my blog. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I am.
Have a wonderful days, beauties!

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