About me

Hello Guys!

Haven't seen you in a long long time! Gosh I missed this activity so much.
Today I decided to tell you a little about myself. I can see some readers though you are not constant in here because simply I'm not such a good blogger with proper schedule and great photos.

My name is Valeria, nice to meet you.
I'm technician, front end developer to be more precise. I'm 23 years old and I live in Central Asia.
With the little spare time I have huge amount of hobbies and things that I love to do. I would love to share those little things with you and might be it will help to understand me better.

The lord of the Rings - cause its Tolkien
Harry Potter as it was the magic for all of us
Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon - the romantic fantasy, recommended for girls of all ages.
The song of Ice and Fire by George Martin
Diamond Sword, Wooden Sword by Nick Perumov
Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk (though its not fantasy)

and to be honest there are tons of other books. I can write the whole list in the other post if you like.

Music. I'm unstable person which leads to unstable taste in music but there are definitely few things I love the most:
Florence and the Machine - How big, how blue, how beautiful
Ed Sheeran - Plus
Arctic Monkeys - AM
Papa Roach - FEAR
Three Days Grace - Transit of Venus
Nightwish - Imaginaerum
Within Temptation - Hydra
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Melanie Martinez - Cry baby

same story to my music - I can share the full list with you if you'd like.

Instagram accounts and people
Of course you can check out my subs in instagram but it will a pretty hard work %)

Tathariel - you just have to take a look
Kerby Rosanes - illustrator with geometric beasts
Guy Tang - hair magician
C. Cassandra - girls life comics
Gabriel Picolo - illustrator with amazing stories
Narga - amazing cosplayer
Kato - she's just... wow
Svetlana Quindt Kamui - cosplayer and crafter
Andreja { Nicolle's Dreams } - dolls and illustrations

I didn't include makeup account on purpose because the list will be messed up and also way too long for a post.
Few of my own latest creations are:

Baphomet head. It's going to be a full body statue in a small size of course.

Painting. This was a couple of month when I worked with acrylic paints and I will never forget the mess but would love to paint something else as well :)

Makeup creations which you can see in my instagram -> CreepyVel.

Among things I love are also roller skating and archery

Well. I guess its all for now. Thats the whole me I can remember at the moment %) I would love to know more about you, feel free to leave your blogs in comments and I will check out all of them for sure.