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10:51 PM

Hello weirdos!

Now thats the word I wanna call people who read me or follow me or any other activities around me. Cause when you have your weirdo pride you can be powerful.

So the small package came to me not long ago and it was complimentary for testing purposes from influenster. It sent me a mini version of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.

And yep, I've tried this stuff, thats why I write it here %)
All girls like some new testers and mini version of products and things that come in mail. This little thing is not an exclusion.
The package color is exactly what's you'd get from it

Came with a coupon which I cannot use simply because I'm not in America and all the coupons for stores. Its in a shade light but...

Here how it looks in direct sunlight

 You already know I'm pale. In a winter I'm like a white rabbit  and cannot be identified in a snow.
So the Sally Hansen airbrush legs is definitely not for pale people like me, at least at first. Cause when you apply this on any area of your skin, you will become beige-orange immediately.

Here how it looks in a normal light

Hopefully it fades with the time. I wont recommend to apply any tanning lotion like this before going out. Its pretty strong but when it fades, which happens in about 3-4 hours, you wont look like you've applied any tan at all.

Of course its up to you to decide to buy it or not but after all in my opinion its just a waste of money. I prefer gradual tanning lotions which give you nice color with the time and you can control the intensity.
My current favorite is Gosh Gradual Tan light/medium. Its perfect for pale skin, you can build the tanning effect, it doesnt wash away after the first shower and it doesnt stain your clothes. The price is nice too and I've been using it for 2 summers already.
If you have any tanning lotion that you absolutely love please leave a comment below and I will try to find and check it out!

-Was nice to see you again. Till next time!

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