BH cosmetics haul and review

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Hi hi hi hi hi hi!
Missed you! Its a bit tricky to post things at the moment but I will do my best to get back to proper posts.

In today's post I'm going over my impression on BH cosmetics haul.

I really like this makeup brand as its pretty cheap yet still very good quality.

For those of you who prefer videos - here's the video review I've made.

For text lovers like me:
Lets begin with Makeup by Mandy 24 palette which was going to be my everyday palette but didnt really work as I was expecting.

I'm fan of matte shades and there are 3 mattes vs 3 shimmery shades.

The one you see second on the second row is not really brown, its blackish-brown with golden shimmer, not really pretty in my opinion. I like top two shades which are light and have shimmer in it, they are great for inner corner when you need to add a highlight and the last one in upper row is matte yellow-light ivory. None of them can really be used on the lid if you want something calm. Brown colors are way too warm for pale skin and black one is out of review as its just nice black color and thats all about it. I dont think its useful palette for pale girls and I wont be using it much, might be 2-3 shades with some other colors and nothing more.
BH liquid liner is amazing, I got the other one in purple and love it. Might transfer on to the crease when its too hot but in other cases - just awesome.

Next palette is Wild Child which is baked eyeshadow in the most calm colors among this series.
The palette has 9 baked eyeshadow shades and its really awesome. The only one problem I found - most of them look way too similar on the lid. Anyways its really nice palette and I like to use it from time to time as it gives that smooth silky finish with a bit of sparkle.

Here's the neutral warm look I've done with it.

One more palette! Wild & Radiant huge bronzer and highlighter palette. Looks awesome buuuut... bronzer shades are literally orange for me. I wont mind to use them as eyeshadow though. Highlighters are great, one is more pink and the other one is cooler and lighter.

You can use this palette as a body bronzer and highlighter so dont be afraid of it if you had buy palette and it doesnt fit your skin tone.

Moving on to brushes. I'm in love with BH cosmetics brushes and I use party girl brush set all the time. This one however was bought as a travel set cause its double ended and has a brush bag. Nice soft brushes with great handles. Bristles dont go anywhere and brush holds its shape properly after washing. 

Other thing is a brow highlighter which is sooooft pencil with two shades - shimmer and matte. They are so smooth and I like them so so much even though I dont shape my brows with it every day. Shimmer is gentle and wont be a huge highlight and you can also use it as a highlighter for you face. Matte is pink and nude, would even work as lip liner for nude lipsticks. It will be an awesome thing for those of you who draw and shape eyebrows properly as I cant do this due to my really hairy brows...
Brow gel. Damn brow gel in blonde came as a gold gel for have no idea what. I guess I'll use it in some golden looks but as an everyday thing - no way. Who wants to have golden hairs in their eyebrows for everyday makeup?
What you see on this picture is probably what you will really get but add some more shimmer gold and here you go.

Concealer in bh is alll the same to their brow highlighter and its so creamy, not very blendable and doesnt cover things soo... I'm a bit disappointed with it as a concealer but as a jumbo pencil its totally fine for some reason.

The last but not least is a blush. I've got this 'daisy' blush as a gift with purchase. I was trying to find nice more like a peachy color among what BH offered with my order and I thought 'daisy' is cool one.
In real life the color is literally a true pinky pie.

This photo is an awful cut out from a big photo of my haul %) but you can see the color is a bit different to what you see on site.

Here's the big photo of open everything and you can open it in a new tab to see something you're interested it. 

Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask questions about anything, would glad to see comments. See you soon!

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