White glam/glazed sugar skull

9:14 PM

Hey guys! Whats up?

Its been a looong time since I posted the video. There was a problem with my hardware of PC. The problem mainly in that the hardware was old and needed an upgrade which I did and feel happy now!

So the new video includes my handmade lighting - soft box made out of cardboard and foil with a day light lamp - works niice. If you want me to write about the process of making it please leave a comment to let me know.

Sugar skulls are pretty simple in design. Basic skull shape and some swirls - look to go. I've used white as its not as common as other skulls and looks much lighter than others to be honest. Glazed look was achieved by putting some highlighter in a places where you usually highlight your face so in the light white skull looks so yummy and fresh xD

Getting back to tutorial:
I put the BH cosmetics liquid foundation in a shade light rose - its 2 tones darker than the foundation I would normally use on my pale skin. Its more like taned skin with pink undertone.

Then I applied my eyeshadow which are BH cosmetics 'Party Girl After Hours' palette. Nice, pigmented and soft eyeshadow.

By the way there is a sale on BH. And you can check out kewl stuff they have - > bhcosmetics.com

To draw a skull you should outline shapes you want with brown pencil: eye sockets, skull nose and cheeks are necessary, other things are up to you, I've done few swirls and hearts all around the design so its not difficult and you still have both of your eyes to rock any eyeshadow look.
Then take a liquid eyeliner in white or jumbo milk pencil or just like me - take Mehron paradise white aqua color aaaand fill in all the lines, just repeat them, dont have to be super accurate covering brown as if its left it will be a nice shadow for you white.

Next step is a cool toned brown eyeshadow. Use it to give shades to teeth, skull cheeks, nose (even though its wrong for skull itself), eye sockets. Nothing too difficult to do.

Then highlight as you never highlighted before. Bring your inner sparkly unicorn to life. Cheekbones, tip of a nose, forehead, chin - just as normal highlighting in makeup.

The result will be simple, pretty and shiny. And you can always wear it with any type of eye makeup. If you need you can wash off your lines and here you go - rockin eyeshadow look.

And here's the video itself ^_^

Thanks for reading and watching!


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