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So here's a little article about my experience with liquid latex. I bought Cinema Secrets liquid latex in flesh, 16oz. You can get the same in here -> Cinema Secrets liquid latex on amazon

liquid latex

It smells awful, dries too fast for newbies and its really sticky - thats the bad part of it.
It looks like thick yogurt with bubbles as you should shake it well before use. When it dries it becomes transparent and matches any skin tone. Doesn't cause any irritations even on sensitive skin - which is awesome as I have sensitive skin. One thing it has done with my skin - small redness area which gone easily few hours later.

You don't really need anything before applying it. Just try to keep skin clean and thats pretty all. The good thing is that you may not worry about thin edges as it just rolls away with fingers. Don't put directly on any hair if you don't want to get rid of it, firstly apply some glue stick like Drag Queens do it or just an oil(olive, almond or any other oil).  I was using glue stick version.

I wont recommend to use it with some heavy materials as this particular latex wont hold them. In case of using it with fake zombie teeth or something heavier than tissue paper use spirit gum + scar wax + liquid latex.

The process of usage is quite simple. Get some artistic palette or anything that will hold liquid, pour a small amount of latex into it, spread on necessary areas with sponge, I strongly recommend not to use your beauty blender, take at least a simple makeup sponge which you don't need as latex will cover it with crumbs and it will be pretty spoiled, same story with makeup brushes.

I took small 'tubes' of paper, covered area where I wanted to put them with latex, then attached paper and covered it couple times with latex again. And here what I've got at the end.

White walker makeup

You can color latex with aqua colors or cream colors - will look similarly nice. 'Mask' takes off easily but don't rush while doing it.

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