How to make elf ears

9:06 PM

This is a quick tutorial for those who would like to become an elf but doesnt want to spend hours on making ears

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients and lets begin

For ears you will need:

1.stationery clips

2.liquid latex or gelatin

3.air dry clay

4.couple of qtips without one cotton side

5.plastic wrap just to leave your shapes on it while clay dries

6.stick/brush to put clips on while ears will be drying

8.some jar

9.cream/alcohol activated paints or just makeup

10.setting spray powder or just powder

12. And minimum sculpting skills.

First of all measure width of your ears.
Then take a ball of air dry clay and make the bottom part same width as your ear.
Sculpt the shape you'd like to see. It can be pretty easy triangle shape at first. Practice makes perfect anyways.
While the clay is still wet put the side of qtip without cotton inside the shape you've made.
Let everything dry. I left them for a night. Shape is reusable so you would only need to create it once.

Step 2: The process of making ears.

Take the jar of a liquid latex though you can pour it right from the bottle into some cup.
Use stationary clip to hold the shape, dip it into a latex, wait till it stop dripping.
Take a long stick/brush and put one clip with an ear to its one end, then do the same with the second shape.
Put the stick with shapes onto some bottle so ears will hang from it without touching anything.
Wait till they dry completely. It wont take much time, about an hour or so.
Powder shapes from both sides, then carefully start taking them off from the edges using powder. You can easily turn ears inside out but make sure all the surface is powdered properly.

And here you have it. You brand new ears.
Which you can color to match your skintone and apply with adhesive like spirit gum or pros aid or even same liquid latex. Use scissors to trim ears to desired shape and if you'd trim too much you can always create a new pair of ears.

Thanks for reading and/or watching.

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